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Word Travels - Sponsors
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We'd like to thank our friends and generous sponsors who assisted us during the shooting of Word Travels Season Three, including the wonderful guides, drivers, and nameless guardian angels who helped along the way! 


Special thanks for Panasonic for providing Robin and Julia with their cameras this season.   They both used the light and sexy DMC G1 Digital SLR's, as well as point and shoot digital cameras DMC ZS3A and a FX580K.   For the first time, we could also use an HD camcorder, in the form of the tiny yet powerful HDC-TM300K.  
Hip and funky but easily able to withstand the punishment of filming a travel show on 5 continents, Crumpler provided bags to the hosts this season.   
Keen provided footwear for Robin, who only travels with one pair of shoes, one pair of sandals, and some flops.  This season, Robin wore Keen Targhee IIs, Sao Paulo sandals, and Austins in Europe where he needed to a little more stylish! 
Special thanks to Timex Canada for providing Robin with an Expedition watch, as well as a WS4, which has as many handy functions as its bad-ass look. 
Alternative Apparel
 Alternative Apparel clothed Robin in all his thin, ultra-comfy cotton shirts this season.  Light, fashionable and perfect to travel with, they were the bane of our sound guy's existence, who couldn't find a place to hide the microphone.   
Ray Ban
Special thanks to Ray-Ban, Prada and D&G who provided sunglasses to Robin and Julia. 




Special thanks to Arson for providing Robin's snowboarding outerwear in our Chile episode, along with some much needed head warmth for the crew.  


 Special Thanks in Alberta
Travel Alberta
Vulcan Tourism & Trek Centre
Skyline Ranch
Icefield Helicopter Tours
Helicopter Pilots: Ralph Sliger and Aaron Munster
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Hyatt Regency Calgary
Nuvo Hotel Suites Calgary
Calgary Airport
Canadian Tourism Commission
Steele’s Travel World
Special Thanks in Nicaragua
 Special Thanks in Georgia
 Special Thanks in Italy
Steele’s Travel World
Special Thanks in Portugal
Azores Tourism
Go Car Tours Lisbon
Lisbon Walker
Jessica Eusebio
Steele’s Travel World

Special Thanks in Finland
Kotiharjun Sauna Oy
Juuso Wallden
Ulla-Maija Rouhiainen
Lapland Safaris
Kara Bertrand
Jessica Eusebio
Steele’s Travel World
 Special Thanks in Russia
Intrepid Travel
Bed & Breakfast Pio
Moscow Metro
Steele’s Travel World
Jessica Eusebio

 Special Thanks in Chile
Special Thanks in Ecuador
Ecuador Ministry of Tourism
Pure Ecuador
Palmar Voyages
Ecuadorian Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Steele’s Travel World
Special Thanks in Barbados
Special Thanks in Egypt
Dansation Dance Arts Studio
Steele’s Travel World

Special Thanks in Kenya
 Special Thanks in Tunisia
Rita Zawaideh
Steele’s Travel World

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