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Word Travels - Sponsors
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We'd like to thank our sponsors for providing the following during the shooting of Word Travels. 


Air New Zealand

Special thanks to Air New Zealand for getting us to and from the Land of the Long White Cloud!   Air New Zealand now offers a wonderful direct flight from Vancouver to Auckland, so exploring one of the world's most beautiful countries has never been easier. 
Air North
 Special thanks to Air North for the helping us explore the wonders of the Great White North in the Yukon.  You've really got to appreciate a company that can land a plane on a frozen runway and still greet you with a smile and some hot coffee!  
Special thanks to Quebec-based Chlorophylle, who kitted Robin and Julia out with various stylish outdoor apparel.  Not only did we look great, their garments survived even the toughest of foreign laundry services!
Our friends at Keen Canada provided our hosts and crew with fabulous, lightweight yet heavy-duty shoes and sandals.  Robin and Julia only packed one pair of each and after 12 countries, they still look new! If you're curious, Robin wore a pair of Targhee II 's and Julia a pair Truckees.
 Ray Ban
 Special thanks to Luxotica for providing Robin and Julia with their smoking hot Ray-Ban sunglasses!
Special thanks to Sony Canada for providing electronic equipment to our hosts and crew. Robin and Julia used VAIO laptops, Cybershot digital cameras, as well as Sony memory sticks for backing everything up.   
 Special thanks to Sherpa Mountain Products for providing Robin and Julia with their backpacks. 
A travel writer without a solid backpack is a tortoise without a shell! For more information 
Special Thanks in Bolivia
TransTurin -
Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking -
Denys Sanjines

Special Thanks in Colombia
Miguel Caballero -
Proexport Colombia -
Reservatour Sin Fronteras
Maria Fernanda Guzman
Special Thanks in Dubai
Southern Sun Middle East Hotels -
Special Thanks in Ethiopia
Joseph Kabir -
Muluken Girma -
Special Thanks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fixed Gear -
Macao Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre -
Hong Kong Parkour Association
Greg Milton
Special Thanks in Jordan
Jordan Tourism Board Of North America -
Ibrahim Abdel Haq
Special Thanks in Latvia
The Latvian Institute -
Karostas Cietums
Oleg Jiliba
Brad and Tamar Resnik
 Special Thanks in Lithuania
101 Turas -
Grutas Park -
Marius Bernatonis
Regina Kopelvich
Ann Rabinowitz
Special Thanks in New Zealand
Agrodome Adventures -
Destination Rotorua Tourism -
Kiwicaching Association Of New Zealand Inc -
New Zealand Recreational Gps Society -
Off Road New Zealand -
Raftabout -
Skyline Rides -
Zorb -
Rotorua District Council And Timberlands
Kevin Carroll

Special Thanks in Thailand

Elephant Nature Foundation -
Kao Hom Cooking School -
Lanna Muay Thai Boxing Camp -
The Chilli Club Cooking School -
Trikaya Tours -
Special Thanks in Venezuela
Chris Patterson and everyone at Jakera Tours -
Special Thanks in Yukon 
 Frank and Anne at Muktuk Kennels -
Torsten at Northern Tales -
Sky High Wilderness Ranch -
Tourism Yukon -
Up North Adventures -

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